Buyer Services

Buyer Services

You need to hire the right buyer’s agent to find your dream home. Not all real estate agents are created equal and you feel the disappointment when you casually agree to sign the contract with an amateur. You need a professional who is reliable and honest and who safeguards your interest during home buying process. We at provide a wide range of services to our clients. We are there by his side during all stages of home buying to take care of all hurdles.

Help with prequalification/preapproval

We provide all help and guidance to all our clients in finding the right lender to finance the purchase of a home. We have links with many lenders and we can match the requirements of the client with the mortgage products available with these lenders. With a preapproval document in hand, it becomes easier for the client to conduct house hunt.

Listening to and understanding the needs of the clients

For many, this might seem eulogizing ourselves but to us, understanding the needs and desires of the clients is paramount. We just listen to what the client thinks about his circumstances and what he wants in terms of home for his family. This makes our job that much easier as we are able to find a perfect match between the home and the client’s requirements.

Creating an irresistible offer

Real estate transactions are all about making offers that are so attractive that the seller finds them difficult to decline. We include the contingencies put forward by the client but convince the seller about smooth closing so that the offer is readily accepted.

Negotiating with the seller

This is one aspect of home buying that requires great skills and experience. We have both of them in abundance. We can negotiate with the seller to bring his asking price down close to the budget of our client. This is how we safeguard the financial interest of our clients.

Work before closing

Closing can be a stressful time for the buyer. We work hard to fulfill all paperwork and legal formalities before the actual date of closing so that there are no problems during closing. However, we are also capable of handling last minute emergencies to make sure everything goes as planned at the time of closing. Although our presence is not required, we are there by the side of the client to make him feel assured at the time of closing.

After sale support

At, we believe in forging long lasting relationships with our clients. We keep communication lines open with the buyer even after he has moved in to his new home. We help him in acclimatizing in the new environment and also help in solving any problems that he may face after moving in.