Seller Services

Seller Services

There are many homeowners who believe that hiring the services of a realtor is a waste of their hard earned money. Realtors mainly find buyers that they can themselves find out if they try to sell as FSBO. What these homeowners realize later on is that even though realtors charge a hefty commission, every single penny worth it in lieu of wide range f services provided by them. In fact, we at see to it that the seller is able to recover our fee by selling his property at a high price. The following are the services provided by us.

Help in setting the price

All homeowners make the mistake of setting the asking price higher than the actual value of their property. We have knowledge of the prices of comparable properties sold in the neighborhood and thus we are able to suggest the fair value of the house to our clients. We are also aware of the recent trends in the housing market and so we know the price which will help in attracting a large number of customers. We provide free CMA to our client which helps them in arriving at the fair value of their property.

Preparing the house

We do not carry out preparation of the house ourselves. But we recommend the changes and upgrades that the owner needs to undertake to make his house attractive for the buyers. These improvements not only make the property attractive but also add to its value.  One the house has been prepared, we provide listing service to our clients. Multiple Listing Service helps in getting the house the desired exposure to a large number of buyers.

Marketing help

Marketing is the backbone of any successful selling endeavor. We deploy aggressive marketing strategies on internet and make use of social media to arouse curiosity among interested buyers. These efforts bear fruit and soon the seller starts to receive offers for his property.

Negotiation help

We provide effective negotiating help to the seller. We have the skills and the experience to deal with buyers of all kinds. We keep interest of the seller in mind and make sure that the agreed upon price with the serious buyer is not less than the asking price of the seller. We ask for token deposit money and include contingencies in the agreement that include inspection, appraisal, and financing. We provide help in examining the offers from different buyers and recommend the buyer who is serious and who can close the deal fairly quickly

Closing the deal

This is the last and also the most important stage of selling a house. Though we are technically not required to be present at the time of closing, we help the client in preparing all documents. We are there to handle last minute emergencies. We make sure that everything goes as per the plan and the ownership is transferred to the buyer and money deposited in the account of the client.

Once you hire us as your agent, you can sit back and relax as we handle everything to make sure that your house sells at a high price pretty quickly.