Seller Tips

Seller Tips

It is the desire of every homeowner to get the highest possible price for his house. He also wants to sell the house pretty quickly. But like in all other places across the country, selling a house in New Jersey has also become difficult and complex these days. It takes close to two months form listing your house and closing the deal. Here are some top seller tips to make sure that the house sells quickly in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Choose an experienced realtor

This is the most important tip for you if you are a first time home seller and do not know anything about the process. Many people hand over the task of selling to someone they know or is referred by their friend. Never make this mistake if you do not want to repent later on. Hobby or amateur agents can make it an ordeal for you and your house may not sell at all even after a few months.

Pay heed to home improvement suggestions made by your agent

No home sells on its own. It has to be prepared to make it look attractive in the eyes of prospective buyers. If you do not have the money to undertake major kitchen and bathroom remodeling, you should at least carry out cosmetic home improvement to make your home look presentable. We have a list of home improvement projects that are not only inexpensive but actually add value to the house of the client.

Price it right

It goes without saying that most of the buyers are price sensitive and they skip ads where they like the property but find the price tag higher than their budget. You can catch the attention of large number of buyers if you fix the asking price close to the fair value of your property.  We at can help you in arriving at the right price by providing you free CMA.

Be punctual and be there on time for the showing

This is an unwritten rule for all homeowners. Houses that are showed less find it difficult to sell easily. You have to take time out to show your house whenever your agent finds a buyer who is interested in seeing the property. If you make it difficult for your agent, only you are to be blamed for the house remaining unsold.

De-clutter and depersonalize

These two methods seem unimportant but go a long way in helping your house to sell fast. Remove all large and unnecessary furniture items to make your rooms appear larger than they are. Remove all family heirlooms and photos to allow the visitor to visualize the space as his own.

Highlight the positive features

Do not forget to highlight the positive features of your property in your ad in the listing. Buyers looking for these features are attracted and they spring into action upon a mention of these features. Park facing, energy efficient, ample storage space, and other such features add value to your property and help in selling it fast