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Sellers Main

So you have decided to sell your house in New York. No matter what the reason behind your decision, it is your desire to sell your house quickly and at top price. If you go through the traditional route, selling your house could take anywhere between 50-60 days to sell. Selling a house is a long drawn out process in the U.S that involves listing, marketing, staging, negotiating with buyers and then closing the deal. We are, a well known name in the real estate market in New Jersey and its surrounding areas. We have helped hundreds of our clients in selling their properties in a smooth and hassle free manner.

There was a time when selling a property was easy and straightforward job. But today, a seller needs the skills and experience of a reliable realtor to be able to do so. From setting the price right to preparing it for the visitors and from making aggressive marketing efforts to negotiating with the interested buyers, there is a lot of work to do. We are there by the side of our client at every stage of selling a property. We plug the holes and remove all hurdles from the path to make sure that the house sells as quickly as possible and the client gets the desired asking price for his house.

If it is the first time that you are trying to sell your property, it is very important that you hire the services of a good and honest real estate agent. Any mistake at any stage of the selling exercise can jeopardize with your dream of selling your house. Not only can you fail to attract buyers but also forced to sell the property at a lower price than you desire for it.

Every step in the selling exercise is crucial in the final outcome desired by the seller. Emotional attachment and happy memories of living along with family members make sellers believe their house is the best as it is and that they should receive the best possible price for it. This is where many sellers falter as they set the asking price according to their whims. However, properties sell not on the basis of sentiments of the owners but on the basis of the condition of the housing market and what the buyers are looking for. We at understand the requirements of the buyers and recommend our clients to undertake repairs that would make the property attractive to them. We ask the owner to add features that are desirable for the buyers. But we never ask the seller to overspend on making their homes attractive for buyers. We have knowledge about many cosmetic home improvement exercises that are inexpensive but help in making the property attractive.

Negotiating with buyers is another skill that most sellers lack. We negotiate with the burs on the behalf of our clients, always safeguarding their financial interests. If you want to sell your house quickly and at a high price close to your asking price, you need to find the right sellers agent to carry out the endeavor for you.